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IT TAKES A VILLAGE operates two programs specifically targeted at homeless youth, adults and at-risk youth in schools to provide assistance, training and resources to make a successful re-integration into society, remain or return to high school and or/ find employment. These programs include:

Street Outreach

It Takes A Village Street Outreach Team literally goes to the streets and locates homeless youth, adults and at-risk youth. Through extensive training, the street team can identify these individuals from the general population because they often blend into the crowd for their own safety.

Street outreach encompasses:

  • Befriending homeless youth and adults and letting them know that there are caring adults who are concerned about their well-being and want to see them safe and successful
  • Providing vital information regarding available resources to meet their needs, including housing, education, employment, medical, mental health and other support services
  • Providing food, clothing, hygiene products, blankets, and other comfort items
  • Harm reduction counseling to address the risks associated with street life
  • Providing social events: movies, picnics, daylong activities birthday parties, etc. to help kids build foundation away from the street
  • Providing financial assistance for overnight stays during extreme weather conditions
  • Providing youth with a physical mailing address so that they can receive mail
  • Assistance in obtaining birth certificate and other pertinent documentation to secure State ID and eligible services

School Mentoring Program/Youth Advocacy Via Sports

It Takes A Village connects with local school districts for referrals of students in need. Through targeted outreach and the school referral process we work with youth to determine needs and goals and provide the necessary guidance, basic human needs, and financial assistance to successfully graduate high school and to achieve higher education and/or employment goals.

It Takes a Village is dedicated to supporting the high school graduation process and works to empower young people on their own to become positive and productive citizens of our communities.

Our School Mentoring Program matches homeless and at-risk students with caring mentors who can give them the support needed to overcome academic and personal barriers and the encouragement to make positive and healthy life choices. The presence of a committed and competent role model for students builds self-confidence and increases school success.

The supportive, healthy relationship formed with mentors and the students’ basic needs being met enable them to stay in school and finish their education.
In addition to the basics, we can provide bus passes for students who don’t qualify to ride the school bus. Other things that we may provide upon recommendation include summer school fees, testing fees, diploma fees, certification fees, driver license fees, etc. We may give occasional scholarships to students highly recommended by school counselors.

Our youth advocacy via sports begins with elementary school age youth. This program was founded by a local youth advocate who’s personal experiences facilitate teaching “life lessons through sport via the student athlete”. This program organizes basketball teams for at-risk youth and utilizes team practices, games and outings as vehicles to instill valuable lessons needed for youth sports, in particular, basketball, which will then be used to empower these youth later in life. We will impact these youth at home, at school, and more importantly around and within our local communities. Part of our strategy is to build a strong foundation that will change and shape attitudes, behaviors and outlooks. These lessons will involve teamwork, hard work, persistence, adversity, perseverance, dedication, and preparation. Learning and utilizing these skills will enable our youth and young adults to become strong athletes but more importantly better students and help transform them into successful adults.